Trevor Brown

Owner, Head Coach, Personal Trainer

Father, Husband, Owner Kearney CrossFit, BELITE Training Founder, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach

I am 36 years old and Nebraska born and raised. I out-kicked my coverage when I married my beautiful wife, Jade. We are proud to be parents to the most amazing little girls in the world, Brynnlee and Kinsley.

I am the owner of Kearney CrossFit and the head coach/founder, of BELITE Training. I started Kearney CrossFit in my mom’s garage in 2012. We then moved to a small 1,500sf warehouse in January of 2013. Later that year, we built, and moved into, our current location. Now our gym is 6,000sf and has a football-size training field out our back doors. Our gym community consists of 250+ members ranging in age from 7 years old to 70 years old. Kearney CrossFit provided a solid foundation for BELITE Training to grow. 

BELITE Training started as a sport-specific training program for young athletes. Each year we ran speed and agility camps for kids, but we wanted to do something more for those looking to put in extra work in the gym. This year will be our fourth annual BELITE Athlete Development Camp. It is the single coolest thing I get to be a part of each year. Over the last few years, BELITE Training has evolved into a full-service training program. We have three professional coaches working on our staff. We work with elite level CrossFit athletes, young athletes, and the average person just looking to improve his/her overall health and wellness. Currently, we have four sponsored athletes and a great group of competitive athletes all over the country. 

On a day to day basis, I coach CrossFit classes, personally train clients, meet with nutrition clients, write programming for my online clients and run the day to day operations of Kearney CrossFit and BELITE Training. I sneak in about an hour of working out each day. Over the years, my focus has changed drastically from being an athlete, and coach, to being just a full-time coach. Coaching is my passion. I believe that when you are given a platform you should positively impact as many lives as possible. Our gym has provided me with a platform and I am going to use it to help change the lives of others for the better! This is exactly why I am so passionate about nutrition. Workouts will only take you so far. Proper nutrition is the foundation for your health and wellness. If we can marry fitness with solid nutrition habits we will be set up for a lifetime of success!

I have a background in physique/body building style training and baseball. I got started in CrossFit because of the carry over to sports. CrossFit is not for everyone, but a lot of the basic principles and practices can be applied to every type of training. I am here to help each of my clients reach their goals in whatever capacity is best for them individually. I like to look at myself as more of a life coach than just a fitness coach. What I do with my clients goes well beyond simply providing workouts and nutrition advice. We will change every aspect of your life for the better. Your total health, and wellness, extends far beyond the walls of any gym. If you are ready to make a life change, and you need someone in your corner, I am here to help you!

With nearly two decades of experience, and leading the lifestyle I preach, I know I can help you reach your goals. Nothing replaces hard work and good habits. Quick fixes never last. Dig in, be willing to learn, work hard, and you will reach your goals!