Frequently Asked Questions

How do classes work?

    • Each class lasts exactly 1 hour
    • Show up 10-20 minutes early to complete the warm up on the white board
    • When class starts, the coach will run the entire group through a structured warm up specific to that day’s workout
    • Typically, a strength or skill will be worked on for the first part of class
    • A high-intensity workout of some sort will make up the second part of class
    • The workouts are different each day
    • Cool down and stretch on your own after each class

What is the “Extra Work?”

    • The “Extra Work” is programming, separate from classes, for our more competitive athletes to complete in ADDITION to classes. This is open to anyone after they have shown a firm grasp on class workouts and movement patterns

Can I come to any class I want?

    • Yes!

What is “Open Gym?”

    • “Open Gym” is a time in which no classes are scheduled. There is always a coach present, but you will be on your own for the most part. Our coaches typically workout during this time, but anyone is welcome to come in!

How many days a week should I workout?

    • Typically we recommend coming M-F or even coming in on Saturdays if you take a rest day during the week.
    • More than anything, listen to your body and rest if needed.

Can I get help with diet and nutrition?

    • Yes! Talk to one of the coaches.

Can I bring in a friend?

    • Yes!
    • He/she may drop in and try a class out for no charge. Things will be scaled back until we have the opportunity to complete an On Ramp session with that person.

What are Saturday morning partner workouts?

    • Try to show up around 8:30-8:45 to warm up on your own
    • You will typically be with a partner and complete the workout together
    • The coaches will workout with you and the atmosphere is more laid back without the structure of a typical class…. Kind of a fun garage gym style workout with your buddies!

Can I do personal training?

    • Yes!
    • We have some very good trainers who are here to help you in any areas you need.