Class Options


Monday – Friday
4:30AM & 9:00AM

Similar to CrossFit, but with some simpler movements. Great for the beginner or intermediate person looking to take their health and fitness to the next level.


5:30AM – 6:15PM

Seven class times each day

  • 2 morning classes (5:30am & 6:30am)
  • 2 noon time classes (11:30am & 12:30pm (45 minute classes))
  • 3 evening classes (4:15pm, 5:15pm, & 6:15pm)

Team workout at 9:00am on Saturdays

*These classes are for ALL fitness levels. Every class is led by one, or two, coaches. The coaches warm you up, teach movements and make sure everyone gets a quality workout to match his/her fitness level. Each class lasts one hour.

Youth Class

Monday – Friday

Ages 7-12 (for the most part)

The kids will learn fitness in a fun and positive environment! They will play games and learn how to move their bodies the right way. Each day, our youth coaches take our class workout and mix it up to make it fun, and challenging, for the kids. We want to be sure that the kids get a good workout and have fun doing it!

When the kids show a mastery of basic movement patterns, we recommend they move up to our regular CrossFit classes.

Open Gym

Whenever we don’t have classes, the gym is open for you to come in and do whatever you like. However, a coach is always present to guide you if needed. This is a great time to sneak a quick workout in if you’re in a time crunch, work on some skills, or get that extra bit of conditioning in.

This is also a time when our coaches and more competitive athletes will workout. You may come join in on all the fitness with them anytime!