Cory Stabenow

Coach, Personal Trainer

I have my crossfit level 1

Ive Personal trained 20 people varying from ages 8 to 80

Trained people with sports, agility, strength, weight loss, competitively, getting off medications

Competed athletically all my life.  

Trained my entire life. 

Found a love for fitness very young watching my dad and being involved in sports

I am constantly researching and studying different training philosophies from a variety of people and training styles always trying to learn. For strength, Endurance ,etc. and recovery methods.

Tested all varieties of fitness fields over the years. 

Goal was to find the programming blend perfect for athletes.

From calisthenics to endurance to bodybuilding to weightlifting and strongman

Been exploring Functional fitness / Crossfit as it is a blend of all fitness varieties

I have a personal crossfit log testing workouts for over 3 days

That is training dealing with injuries competitions and recovery deals

I’ve competed in over 30 crossfit competitions including online qualifiers, the biggest one being Wodapalooza Sanctional. I had to qualify and made it as an Rx athlete.