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Personal Training

Elite 1 on 1 training for athletes of all ages.

Personal training for those who do not prefer group training, too!


Monday March 30, 2015

6:00 am class now starts at 5:50!! Strength: Front Squat Sets and reps will be posted at the gym WOD: 4 Rounds 10 x Pull Ups 15 x Toes to Bar 20 x Push Ups Casey’s Run    

Friday March 27, 2015

Last Friday Night Lights of 2015 CrossFit Open! Regular class at 5:00. Come support and watch everyone compete at 6:00! CrossFit Open WOD 15.5 27 x Calorie Row 27 x Thrusters (95#/65#) 21 x Cal Row 21 x Thrusters 15 x Cal Row 15 x Thrusters 9 x Cal Row 9 x Thrusters  

Thursday March 26, 2015

Register for Festivus Games at www.festivusgames.com WOD (Part A): Thruster Ladder! Partner Up! EMOM to failure (1 attempt at each weight): 1 Rep Men start with 95 lbs only increase by 10 lbs each rep Women start with 65 lbs only by 10 lbs each rep *Scaled may increase by 5 lbs and may choose […]

Wednesday March 25, 2015

Register for Festivus Games at www.festivusgames.com WOD: For Time: 50 x Burpee Box Jumps (Face the box) 50 x Calorie Row 50 x 1-Arm KB/DB Snatch (80#/50#) 50 x Ring Dips 10 x Rope Climbs (50 x Ring Rows may be substituted)